jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

Fabric Consumption:
Fabric consumption is an important factor in garment manufacturing. Profit of an order mostly depends on it. As a result, fabric consumption should be done accurately after receiving the order.
As its vast importance on garments merchandising, today I will discuss about the knit fabric consumption formula for T-Shirt.
Method of Knit Fabric Consumption:
Knit fabric consumption should be done by using the following formula-
Fabric consumption per dozen, (All measurements in cm),

Suppose, one of the buyer has provided you the following measurement chart of a basic T-Shirt by mentioning the order quantity and fabric GSM - Gram per square meter - (Where Fabric is 100% cotton single jersey and fabric GSM is 160 and order quantity is 10000pcs). Then calculate the fabric consumption for this order.

Here, we will follow the measurement chart for XL size.
·         Fabric GSM- 160,
·         Total order quantity- 10000
·         Body length or shirt length- 79cm
·         Sleeve length- 43cm
·         ½ Chest width- 61cm
Now, all the measurements are applied on the following formula-
Fabric consumption per dozen, (All measurement in cm),

= 3.45 + 10% (in kg)
= 3.795 kg per dozen.
So, fabric needed for 10000pcs (833.33 dozen) garments is 3162.5kg.

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