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A close look on how to manage GOH in the AFS Solution for SAP Business One

Garment On Hanger (GOH) (also known in certain circles as Hangtainer) containers are standard/dry containers that are converted/outfitted to be able to safely and conveniently carry garments on hangers – the same way you see them hanging in all the major retail stores..
A lot of the shipping lines have their own GOH containers for which they charge a premium for the conversion and outfitting.. The retail companies benefit a lot in terms of time, labour and money by using GOH for their garment imports as they can move the garments from the container to the shop floor DIRECTLY and in a good condition..

The process

1.    The inside of the container is lined in order to keep the cargo clean.
2.    The interior of the container in a fully covered state
3.    Fitting the cross beams between the two railings that extend the length of the container
4    Knotted strings being tied to the cross beams which will be used to hang the garments

     5. This is an example of GOH container being packed and here you can see that there are two bars for hanging garments, one below the other.

 6.    View of the container with double bars after it has been packed fully

How to use GOH in the Apparel & Footwear Solution for SAP Business One

 1. The user creates a shipment plan in advanced with all garments to be shipped for the next season. This can be based on customer orders (outgoing shipments) or supplier purchase orders (incoming shipments).

        2. Load de container/s with all shirts.

   3. Create the packing list object. In this case we will use BARS (upper and lower bars)

       4. Enter the garments in each bars. It can be grouped by size, color, etc

      5. The packing slip can be sent to the customer for approval.


     6. Finally when the container is finally delivered the user can create a delivery note.

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