martes, 5 de enero de 2016

 The answer comes from understanding PLM’s capabilities and its potential impact on your business:

1.    PLM facilitates efficient collaboration among all stakeholders through all phases of product design and development, leading to faster product cycle times and reduced time to market.
2.    PLM provides a single, shared source of product data, enabling real-time updates and eliminating communication lags, data inconsistencies, and the need for data duplication and distribution.
3.    PLM manages the requirements for domestic and international regulatory compliance, ensuring that products and manufacturing processes meet or exceed increasingly complex guidelines for product safety, worker protection, environmental safeguards, etc.
4.    PLM increases the visibility of product development cost components and resource allocations, enabling management to make adjustments and reduce costs as needed.

5.    PLM provides automated and fully-integrated support for:

·         Seasonal calendar management
·         Product ideation and design
·         Merchandising and line planning
·         Color definition
·         Materials designation and testing
·         Product specification management and change tracking
·         Sample management
·         Supply chain management
·         Product sourcing
·         Cost modeling
·         Quality control

The sooner you start your PLM implementation, the better off that next product cycle will be

Your business does not stop, so you may wonder: If you are in the middle of a product development cycle, do you have to wait a season to get started?  Not at all, in fact there is a planning phase for any PLM implementation to ensure each product development and manufacturing process that is integral to your business is addressed.  So long as there is a primary point of contact assigned to the project the planning phases can begin.  What’s more, your team may start to use the PLM system to align with any selling season’s product development cycle.

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