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Fitting issue of garments has impact on the customers buying decision. The main concern of customers especially teenagers and women is to purchase garments that have proper fitting and yet fashionable.
If you think of an apparel or footwear product the most important attribute is the size. Not only the final size also de body part measurement.  A garment size is named as Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL) or Size 38, 40, 42, 44 etc. But a size chart is a document where a set of measurements of garments for various point-of-measures (POM) are listed against all sizes. Also, sometimes we need to convert size chart from one system to another system. For that correct size conversion chart is useful.

Every clothing brand follows certain size chart and many of them have published their size guide/size chart online in their web-stores in order to understand sizing across products and departments.

The following section explains how easy is to setup sizes and measurements in AFS Solution For SAP Business One

  1. 1.      Setup the size charts (Scale Master)
  2. Sizes are common across styles. For easy of use a template with all sizes is created in the solution

For logistics purposes, a size chart can be linked to many size run. This is used to support order entry process.

  1. 2.      Point Of Measurements
  2. POM Codes are used to specify the measuring points of a garment or product. If you measure garments, you will need to have codes to indicate the location you measured at given points of the product.

Generally there are no established standards for code abbreviations (with some caveats below) but some codes are in such broad usage as to be universal.

The style is linked to a size chart and POM template to facilitate and speed up the process to add specs.

  1. 3.      Size Charts Equivalences
  2. This sections is important to specify for a base size charts are euivalences for user defined locations or countries. In this example for the standard size chart US Shirts we specify the sizes for Brazil and China 

As a closing remark, sizes are the main attribute for clothing and footwear. Customer satisfaction depends upon the designing, style and most important the fit & size of the garment

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