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PP Sample is short name of Pre-production sample. Pre-Production sample is one type of development sample.

PP sample is made in garment factories prior to starting bulk production. PP sample is made with actual fabric, trims and accessories of the style. As per buyer instruction PP sample must be prepared by the vendor in production line, but this does not always followed by vendors. Most cases PP sample is made in sampling department under the guidance of merchandiser and sampling master. Even many times production team does not aware about the PP samples that are made in their factories.

Sample process inside AFS B1 Solution. The user creates the desire sample evaluation types and track from the Style master

PP sample is made in one size and 3-4 PP samples are made for one style. Normally one piece for buyer, one piece for vendor (production depart) and others are made as counter sample for merchandiser and quality team.

Factory collaboration: the sample process can be started by the factory and follow up the sample result from the buyer. A web portal can be used for that updating information to SAP in real time

After making PP sample, vendor sends samples to buyer. Buyer cross-check sample detailing and workmanship and approve PP sample if everything is followed as per style specification. Buyer seals PP sample and sends back to vendor for bulk production reference. In cases buyer finds variation in samples they may ask for re submission for PP sample or they may confirm for bulk production with comments to be corrected in bulk production.

After receiving PP sample factory normally conduct
 PP meeting to discuss and understand what is approved and what is not in the sample. They discuss what action to be taken to follow buyer specification and comments on the PP sample. 

Source: Online Clothing Study

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