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E-learning sessions: Apparel & Footwear Solution for SAP® Business One.

Can anybody estimate SAM (standard allowed minute) of a garment without seeing and/or analyzing the garment? No. It is not possible. To estimate SAM you have to analyze the garment carefully and check different factors that affect the SAM. SAM of a product varies according to the work content or simply according to number of operations, length of seams, fabric types, stitching accuracy needed, sewing technology to be used etc.

But still many of us inquire for approximate SAM values for basic products, like Tee Shirt, Formal shirt, Formal trouser or jacket. An estimated SAM helps in capacity planning of the factory, calculating requirement of machineries and even helps to estimate CM (cut and make) costing of a garment.

SAM is a short form of standard allowed minutes. It means a normal operator can complete a task within the allowed time (minute) when he works at 100% efficiency. 

Standard minutes (SAM) of few basic products have been listed down with its SAM range according to work content variation. In actual cases garment SAM may go outside of the limit depending the above factors.

In the Apparel & footwear solution basically in order to get to the product SAM we need to figure the time for each operation in the product manufacturing routing.

In this example the total SAM for standard Shirt is 11 minutes. The user can adjust this for each style. Each operation can be linked to a default resource in order to use in the manufacturing planning. Based on the resource capacity and efficiency the planning engine will program start and end date and also propose the best resource for the operation.

Source: Online Clothing Study

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