lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

“Online retailers deal with a high percentage of returns due to poor fit, material quality satisfaction, and customer does just not like what they get.

Smart on-line shopping tools are being developed that have the potential to dramatically reduce returns and minimize shipping energy and waste in the process. MyShape has developed a patented technology that matches shoppers with items that correspond to their personal measurements and preferences. In 2009.

Their Sizeless Dressing allows shoppers to skip the size labels with the assurance that each piece of clothing they purchase will fit and flatter them.
In the same vein,, was launched by the retailer Hawes & Curtis. is a virtual fitting room with a shape-shifting  robotic mannequin that takes body measurements and mimics a body's shape so  that an exact fit can be seen. The site has been such a success that online German  retailer Quelle saw returns reduced by 28 percent”.

Retailers Superdry, LK Bennett, Adidas, Hugo Boss and Nicole Farhi are to install virtual changing rooms online.The virtual fitting rooms, supplied by, are expected to launch with the retailers’ spring/ summer collections. Some of the retailers, including Superdry, Adidas and Hugo Boss, are also using the virtual changing rooms on overseas websites. founder and chief executive Heikki Haldre said: “Returns are horribly damaging to profitability, of course, while low conversion rates remain a problem for online apparel retailers because they are also indicative of a less-than-perfect customer experience.  As more people attempt to shop online, both of these represent a growing problem.

“But it seems that we are reaching some kind of tipping point, and we are experiencing a great deal of not just interest, but intent.  I believe this will continue and that 2013 will come to be viewed as the year that virtual fitting rooms came of age.”

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