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How Apparel & Footwear Business One Solution & Gantt really “go together” in your company’s strategy!


Argentis Creates Interactive Gantt Charts in SAP® Business One Solution “Apparel and Footwear” Industry.

Argentis decided for the VARCHART XGantt .NET component to graphically visualize the production planning processes of its solution for SAP® Business One.  A Gantt chart visualizes order progress, employee’s productivity, technology and manufacturing rates of production to help the user optimize production, productivity and systems throughout the whole process. Gantt charts let the planner react to contingencies that may occur and deviations from the initial plan. There’s a better use of resources and time that reflects in an increase of company’s results in almost every area involved.

How Gantt does it for the Apparel and Footwear Industry?

Visualizing data in the form of charts it key to keep data in check in a comfortable way and to intervene if required. Argentis decided for the VARCHART XGantt .NET component to graphically visualize the production planning processes of its solution for SAP® Business One.
A Gantt chart visualizes:

1.       Machine utilization.

2.        Progress of orders.

3.        Availability of employees and much more to plan.
control and optimize the production.

4.       Gantt charts let the planner react interactively and quickly to deviations from the initial plan. Thus resources are utilized to full capacity and processes are speeded up.

How to get there…

When planning and time are critical, resources such as VARCHART XGantt .NET are essential. They allow you to graphically visualize and compare all tasks with the required resources, user can easily realized when , how and where intervention is required. The Gantt chart view can be opened by clicking the corresponding option in the Manufacturing Order sheet that is based on t he planning wizard’s data. The solution also allow you to instantly indicate capacity bottlenecks: A histogram below the Gantt chart displays the workload of the corresponding resource: The sections highlighted in red indicate a capacity problem that ought to be solved by rescheduling.

For more information about this product:

SAP BUSINESS ONE & APPAREL AND FOOTWEAR SOLUTION:Sap Bussines One Application for Apparel and  Footwear
The SAP® Business One application and Apparel & Footwear vertical solution With SAP Business One, you can easily access your company’s data from one place, in real time, with familiar tools and reports. You can see sales, operations, and financial data, wherever you are, dayor night. And workflow-based alerts let you focus on what’s important to you. Apparel and Footwear for SAP Business One has everything a small to midsize apparel manufacturer or importer need.

Business Administration: Customer Relationship Management, Operations and Distribution, Inventory management, Product Lifecycle Management, Season and Collection Planning, Sourcing.Web PLM, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Manufacturing.


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