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Fashion Book: Open an Online Clothing Boutique with SAP® Business One Apparel & Footwear solution
By MaxiSacchetta. Ecommerce Expert at Argentis Consulting.

Online sales of apparel and accessories—a product type for which shoppers desire to touch, feel and try on items before making a purchase was long seen as a deterrent to online sales— are now growing faster than any other ecommerce product segment.
The category helped US retail ecommerce sales grow 15.4% to $224.2 billion in 2012, and after stronger-than-expected sales took the market to $289 billion during 2014.

The apparel and accessories category’s gains are attributed primarily to retailers’ improved methods for displaying products online, as well as policies that make online purchasing of apparel, in particular, less of a guessing game.
Retailers continue to increase the scale of their ecommerce operations, particularly by investing in online sales platforms that display products and convert shoppers more effectively; apparel sales have benefitted more than any other category. Apparel has become an online success due largely to easy and free returns, innovative visualization tools and the presence of customer reviews.”

The Fashion Book

The solution is based on the premise that seasons, collections and styles are shared early in the product development stages to you potential customers. It also promotes a new selling channel for sales representatives in the field, distributors and also end customers with secure access to online information, all integrated to the SAP® Business One AFS Solution.

Some of the features includes to onsite or remote hosting, add or changeorders, review customer balance, access collection information and comments.
The solution is an HTML5 Responsive framework, allowing the deployment and rendering in almost any mobile device providing a flexible design and store management.

Manager Inventory from the backend, a web store that integrates with a business’s existing SAP Business One Company eliminates duplicate data entry. The Fashion Book powered Miva Merchant pulls information from that single database and populates pricing, images, product and inventory information in real time for users (internal sales or end customers).

      Accurate collection management. Eliminate printed and off line catalogues
      Eliminate errors on order entry
      Improve customer experience
      Increase sales. Delivers information to customers and allows them to place orders during shows, at post-show buying events

Product Demonstration

Review how easy is to create a product in SAP Business One, access from an ipad and place an order. 

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